ohloh.net: actual facts on 3000 open-source projects with 220 million lines of source code - impressive!!

Thanks to born2code (Dutch blogger) I was introduced to the impressive site http://ohloh.net, a directory of open-source projects where the code repositories of the projects are crawled to gather all kinds of statistic and historical facts.

http://ohloh.net is launched by ex Microsoft employees to evaluate open-source projects.

Why is this site interesting? It can provide you with information on why you could put trust in the project to include in your own solution because it has an active community of developers, or that you should be careful because it is a one man show, or because ti is developed in the languages that your development team can support.

For example the Mono project has the following statistics:

And if you need some "facts" on what it would cost you if you have to do the same development yourself: 

For more background information on the site see the followoing articles:

Check it out!

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