PowerShell and debugging

I still did not found a good debugging environment for my PowerShell development. The thing I use most is a command I found in this blog post, part of a great blog post series on PowerShell debugging on the Windows PowerShell blog by the PowerShell team. The command allows you to set a breakpoint at any location in your script, and enter an interactive shell where you can do whatever you need to do. I made a minimal modification to the command so I can see at which breakpoint I am:

# Start-Debug (alias: bp)
# Stop running current script and go into interactive mode so values of variables can be inspected
function global:Start-Debug
        $name = ""
       $scriptName = $MyInvocation.ScriptName
       function prompt
          "Debugging [{0}]>" -f $(if ([String]::IsNullOrEmpty($scriptName)) { "globalscope:$name" } else { "$scriptName:$name" } )
Set-Alias bp Start-Debug -Scope "global"

You can now set a breakpoint in your code by adding just the command bp, or by adding a parameter like in bp "new piece of code" so you get a prompt indicating at which breakpoint you are.

If you enter the nested prompt you can do things like listing all variables with the command ls variable:*, or show the values of all ther currently defined environment variables with ls env:*.

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