SPDevExplorer 2.1 – edit SharePoint content from within Visual studio (3)

I did a lot of additional bugfixing and enhancements on SPDevExplorer. Resulted in version 2.1 of SPDevExplorer. Download bin + sources at http://spdevexplorer.codeplex.com/WorkItem/View.aspx?WorkItemId=7799. Let me know if you find any issues.

See http://weblogs.asp.net/soever/archive/tags/SPDevExplorer/default.aspx for all myposts on SPDevExplorer.


Modifications by Serge van den Oever [Macaw]:

Version 2.1:
- Fixed a bug where subnodes were not rendered when enabling/disabling "Show all folders and files"
- When loading a site, the site node now directly expands
- Refresh on site gave "Not implemented", it now works
- Removed SharePoint Settings and SharePoint COntents options on folders. Gave a "Not implemented"
  message, and I don't see a use for them
- Add New/File, New/Folder, Get/Files, Get/Files recursive also to the Site node, to be able to do this
  on the root of the site as well
- Changed Checkin to Check In, and Checkout to Check Out to be consistent with SharePoint Designer
- Disable Publish if publishing not enabled on library
- Show Publish only if file is Checked In
- If Checked Out, show Check In with the user that has file currently checked out
- Added Rename on files and folders to folder and file context menu
- Added consistent short cuts for all context menu entries
- WSP install.bat script: added -force on deploysolution so it can be executed if solution already installed
- Removed Site & System, folder with log files and contente types. Do content types through WebUI, use other tool for log files
- Fixed "Check Out" visualization of files in root of site

Version 2.0:
- Converted the project into a Visual Studio 2008 project
- Changed spelling error Domin into Domain
- Generated a strong key for the SPDevExplorer.Solution project. I got an error when installing the WSP rthat assembly was not strong-signed.
- Cookies were retrieved on an empty cookies object, this lead to a object not found exception
- Several changes to make sure that https is supported by changing the UI that full path is shown in tree.
  You now see
https://mysite instead of just mysite.
- Added "Explore working folder..." on site, so the cache on the local file system can be found. Want to turn
  this into a feature to add files to the cache folders and be able to add these additional files.
- Added "Show info..." on files and folders, shows the cached xml info on the folder/file
- On delete file/folder, ask for confirmation
- On delete file/folder, refresh parent view to make sure it is correct again, make next node current, if not exist previous node
- Made keyboard interaction working, KeyPress was used, didn't work, now using KeyUp
- Del on keyboard now works correctly for deleting files/directories
- F5 on keyboard added for refresh. Parent folder is refreshed if on File, current folder is refreshed if on folder
- Removed (Beta) from name in window title
- Moved "SharePoint Explorer" from "View" menu to "Tools" menu, more appropriate place
- Option on site "Show all folders and files". Normally there is a list of hidden folders, but this also hides files you migh
  want to edit like files in the forms folders of lists
- Removed adding list of webs to a site, gave an error and sites were never added. All sites must be added explicitly
  using "connect...". I think it is also better this way.

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