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Upgrading from “Weigelt” GhostDoc to “SubMain” GhostDoc

As I wrote in an update to my “The Future of GhostDoc” blog post, the uninstaller of GhostDoc 2.1.3 contains a bug which (under specific circumstances) may lead to losing your Visual Studio settings – I’m really sorry about that.

In the days after the first SubMain release in May (version 2.5.09150) I have helped the guys from SubMain in developing a working uninstaller for old GhostDoc versions, which is now included in the setup of the current GhostDoc version 2.5.09166 (published mid-June, though the website has been only updated recently).

So the “right way” to upgrade from an old “Weigelt” GhostDoc version (up to 2.1.3) to a new “SubMain” GhostDoc version (starting with 2.5.09166) is:

  • DO NOT uninstall Weigelt GhostDoc
  • Just run the SubMain GhostDoc setup

Everything else will be taken care of. Future updates (from one version of SubMain GhostDoc to another) also involve just running the installer of the new version.


Adamo said:

I found this after i uninstalled by weigeit ghost doc.  now when i install the new version, it doesn't work with VS 2005.  Its not listed under tools.  The installation worked, but i can't use it.  is there anyway i can fix it?

# July 9, 2009 4:06 PM

WeigeltRo said:

Please take a look at the thread

in the SubMain support forum ( - maybe this helps?

# July 9, 2009 4:20 PM