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  • Orchard Core Beta

    We are really proud to announce that the first version of Orchard Core has been released in Beta.

    What is Orchard Core and Orchard Core CMS?

    Orchard Core is a Modular and Extensible Application Framework developped on the .NET Core ecosystem.
    It allows you to create Multi tenant SaaS applications and host multiple sites with only one instance.
    Orchard Core CMS is a full featured Content Management System that provides many useful modules.
    With it, you can easily enable existing features or add your own modules to extend your application.

    What features are available?

    These features are available out of the box:

    • Nuget Packages: Add reference in your application to Orchard Core Nuget packages.
    • Performance: Handle many requests per second by default and even more with Response Cache.
    • Portable : You can develop and deploy on multiple platforms : Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Deployment: Import/Export the data and the structure of your site with deployment plans.
    • Setup: Use different recipes to setup your site with initial features and content types using configurable steps and dynamic parameters. 
    • Storage: YesSQL allows you to store your contents in SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL as if it was a document database.

    Many other modules can allow you to create a CMS:

    • Create your Content Types adding out of the box predefined Parts and Fields.
    • Customize your site using Themes with ASP.NET Razor or Liquid syntax files.
    • Define different Zones on the site and add Widgets anywhere in your pages.
    • Declare Templates in admin that overrides the rendering of your content types.
    • Edit your content with Wysiwyg or Mardown editors that can use Liquid filters.
    • Get a Live Preview of your content in separate window while editing it from the admin.
    • Manage the Users, Roles and Permissions to give access to the Admin dashboard pages.
    • Manage your Assets and Media folders, upload files and add link to dynamically resized pictures.
    • Organize your Contents and navigate in the site: Lists, Menus, Taxonomies, Urls, ...
    • Search: Index your data and Query them in Sql or Lucene using Liquid syntax.

    What is the current Status?

    Orchard Core is currently in Beta. See the Roadmap for more details. 
    This is an Open Source project so everyone can contribute and help in many ways to make it grows.

    How do I get started?

    Create an application using Orchard Core is as easy as adding a Nuget package reference to your ASP.NET Core project and configure two lines in the startup.cs file.
    You can have a running instance in less than 5 minutes following this tutorial.

    Useful links:

    GitHub repository :
    Gitter chat room :
    Orchard Project site :
    Orchard Core documentation :

  • Orchard Harvest Conference 2017: Day 2

    This Wednesday February 22nd was the second day of the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York.

    We attended to many interesting sessions about Orchard Core and .NET Core.


    Theming in Orchard Core

    Steve Taylor (Avastec)

    Steve walked through how to create a theme in Orchard Core. He took an existing Wordpress theme and converted it to Orchard.

    He also demonstrated how to build client side assets using the existing tooling and how this tooling can be extended to accommodate more advanced scenarios.



    Present and future of Localization in Orchard

    Benedek Farkas (Lombiq)

    Benedek gave a sneak peek on the existing features available in Orchard CMS to handle Localization and Translations.

    You can retrieve the localization files here and contribute to the translations on



    Building JavaScript-based apps and components for Orchard websites

    Daniel Stolt (IDeliverable)

    In this session, Daniel demonstrated techniques, tips and tricks for building client-side apps and components for use in Orchard websites.

    He also described some ways to make your client-side apps available as content in Orchard for editors and site admins to use, how to make content and configuration from Orchard available in your apps client-side, and how to make Orchard's server-side routing and client-side routing play nice together.




    Sébastien Ros (Microsoft)

    During the lunch, Sebastien took some time to make a side session about YesSql, the .NET Document database interface used in Orchard Core to store json objects, create documents and query map/reduce indexes.



    What's up with .NET Core 2.0 and C# 7?

    Bertrand Le Roy (Microsoft)

    Bertrand made a quick refresher course on .NET Core 1 and C# 6 and then showed the latest features and talked about what may come after with .NET Standard 2.0 and C# 7.



    Orchard Core CMS

    Sébastien Ros (Microsoft)

    Sébastien described the goals and the major changes of Orchard Core and made a demo about the main features already available in Ochard Core CMS as Setup, Content publishing, Lists, Fields, Live Preview, Layers, Menus, Flow, Widgets, Recipes, ....



    The most important feature of Orchard Core is Performance.

    Making a quick stress test, Orchard Core is able to return 2,000 requests per second, without caching enabled.

    The memory usage and the number of tenants you can load will also be improved (500 tenants => 2Gb). 



    Panel, Q&A

    Sipke Schoorstra, Daniel Stolt, Zoltán Lehóczky

    Finally, the main contributors answered to the questions of the attendees about the Orchard project.


  • Orchard Harvest Conference 2017: Day 1

    This Tuesday February 22th was the first day of the Orchard Harvest conference 2017 in New York.

    We had the pleasure to attend to many interesting sessions about Orchard CMS, Web sites uses case, Performance enhancements, ASP.NET Core MVC 2.0, modular SAAS development with Orchard Core.



    Sebastien Ros (Microsoft)

    Sebastien started this day by a keynote, introducing the organization of the event and talking about attendees and speakers.



    Using external data with Orchard

    Jorge Agraz (OneStop Internet)

    During this session, Jorge explained how Onestop has used their external commerce data and Orchard’s Content Management system to make their product data display like any other Orchard content.



    When Output Cache Just Isn't Enough

    Chris Payne and Daniel Stolt (IDeliverable)

    In this session Chris and Daniel created a website and came across several simple and common performance problems that the built-in output cache in Orchard cannot solve.

    Their IDeliverable.Donuts module is available here:



    What's new in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0

    N. Taylor Mullen (Microsoft)

    Taylor gave us an overview about the upcoming new features that will be available in ASP.NET Core 2.0 like Razor Pages.



    Scaling Orchard

    Rob King (Bede Gaming)

    Rob explained how Bede Gaming is using Orchard CMS to build a multi-tenant solution that serves millions of transactions per day, in a multi-node Azure environment.



    What is Orchard Core SaaS Framework?

    Nicholas Mayne

    Nick made multiple demos showing how to use the framework used in Orchard Core to create a modular SAAS application.