Die, marker! Die!

Did you ever notice how people can't ever throw a marker away? How many times have you seen this scene?

Guy goes to the whiteboard. Guy picks up a marker and tries to write with it, but the marker is dead. What does guy do? Does he throw the marker away? No, he doesn't! He puts it back in the little gutter under the board and picks up another one, which is also dead, and so on...


  • I resemble that remark, and here's my internal dialogue at such a moment:

    If it's my marker: "I'd better keep it, so I remember what kind of marker and what color to buy."

    If it's someone else's marker: "I'd better not throw it away: they might need to know what kind of marker and what color to buy."

    It would be interesting to collect internal dialogues for this common behavior.

  • So long as my callbacks don't die, I can live with the marker problem.

  • this is why I always go for the brown markers- everyone hates brown, so it never gets used.

    Also- I toss them- the prob (as stated by Hank), is that "if it's not mine, I can't throw it away"

    In addition, they're always crap because "If it's not my whiteboard, I can't order supplies for it" or possibly rather, "If it's not mine, it'll still go onto my budget".

    I haven't been to an org that has budgets for inanimate objects, but probably should.

  • I know this is n't the right message post for my question, but since you are an callback guru, i would like to post my question here.

    How do we handle callbacks in the frame scenario.

    For ex: Suppose i have three frames (pages) with Topnav,Sidenav and Remainingspace aspx page.I'm doing a callback from menu on the topnav that changes the data on the topnav page(html) and since we call response.end after the callback event,i could n't get to the leftnav to get loading with the new topnav changes.In otherwords the response stops with the topnav page and i'm not able to keep the pages rendering on the leftnav and mainspace page.Any ideas? appreciate your help.

  • Well, if you do frames, it's the same as with postbacks, you'll have to use some client script to modify other frames (the server-side has no idea of frames).

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