Atlas revealed at PDC

Atlas was revealed this morning at the PDC keynote. It was a very fast-paced demonstration by Scott Guthrie which started with the client-side querying of an Indigo service (which itself was exposing data extracted by C# 3.0's very cool query language integration) and ended with an impressive application that displays results in a templated ListView from which you can drag & drop items into a DetailsView (it's worth noting that Atlas drags and drops data and not just HTML) and then displays data on a Virtual Earth powered satellite picture of the area, complete with pinpoints, panning and zooming. And here's the best part: all that runs client-side, and it truly is cross-browser...

Scott Guthrie runs an Atlas application in Safari
Scott running an Atlas application in Safari on a Mac with the exact same capabilities as when running on IE.

You can download the bits and play with them here:


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