No Xbox for you! Next!

Well, if you have not pre-ordered six months ago and weren't ready to spend a good part of yesterday and last night freezing in front of Best Buy, your chances of scoring an Xbox 360 were near zero. So if you're like me, you just made fun of the guys waiting during this wet and cold night and just resigned to go home and wait for the next shipments.

Oh, just in case you're wondering, no, being a Microsoft employee does not give any priviledges when it comes to buying an Xbox (except if, like Julien, you work in the Xbox division, thanks for reminding me, Julien, it's doesn't hurt. At all). We just wait in line like anybody else. Well, we do get prices on games and accessories, which is always good, but for some reason my old Xbox does not seem to like the new PGR.


  • I wonder what the market is like for the old XBOX all of the sudden :)

  • A few of us just had to show up for work this morning to get it :P Sorry about having to take off last night! Apparently the crowd at Best Buy was completly out of control...

  • this who 360 situation is making me sick. A few friends of mine and I have been following the 360 for about a year. from the days of zenon (or however you spell it) up until the time magazine artical (which i have framed in my room) till now when i still cant get one. I did not have the money at the time to pre order last spring so i decided to take a risk and order from a somewhat sketchy site. Well, i didnt order it, a person was trying to do me a favor by preordering it. Unfortunatly this friend was not one of the ones following it and didnt know that any site claiming on getting 500 xbox's on the release date had to be a fraud. long story short, i tried camping at best buy but the employees cut the campers of at about 50 so i was not able to get in. Too bad for most of them that only 20 xboxs arived and 30 some odd ppl got sent home empty handed after over 24 hours of camping. well, now im stuck. From my parents and relatives i asked for games, a faceplate, controllers, live subscriptions and everything possible for xbox. Unfortunatly, i wont have a system under the tree on xmas. mabye i can try hitting my head with the controller i bought to make me forget about the 360. xboxless in New Jersey..... dan

  • Dan, I empathize completely and wish you luck on getting your XBOX. Talk to your local retailers, be nice to them and try to get them to give you the date of their next shipment. This worked for me. I got mine from Costco.

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