My Xbox 360

Faceless Xbox 360Here's what my Xbox 360 looks like currently. Can you guess why?

UPDATE: Here's your feedback and my answers...

Azra: You add a tape recorder in?
BLR: Err, no, but that's an interesting hack idea. Certainly an original one...

Wim: decided to put a mod chip in? ;-)
BLR: Nope. No modchip exists yet, and there isn't much that a modchip would add to the unmodified 360. The feature set is already pretty cool and I'm not at all into piracy.

Wim: Problems with overheating?
BLR: No, I've never had any overheating problems. Both the box and its power brick have their vents away from any other object. I've never noticed one or the other being more than warm. If I had to modify something, it would be to put silent fans, because the built-in ones are pretty noisy.

Wally: Its turned the wrong way?
BLR: No, that's the front.

Wally: Its broken?
BLR: No, works perfectly.

Wally: You had laid it flat and had something on top of it?
BLR: No.

Brandon: looks like you spilled Tang on it and had to throw away the face plate.
BLR: Yes, I did remove the faceplate, but not for that reason. And I did "spill" something on the faceplate, but after I removed it.

Chris: Cause you got a new faceplate?
BLR: Aha! Getting close. But if I had bought a new faceplate, it would already be there. I still have only the original faceplate, but removed it for a good reason.

Travis: No, why? Tell me before I pick one up. Planning on it when they become available at the local Walmart.
BLR: go ahead and pick it up. It's absolutely awesome. Best console ever (and I've had a few). The Live feature is flawless.

Dror: i think you baought PS3 faceplate :)
BLR: :) That's a funny one.

Brian: You are painting your faceplate.
Chris: well that would mean you are customizing your faceplate. Cool.
You just inspired me, I think I may go paint my OEM faceplate this afternoon.
BLR: Yes, exactly.
I recommend acrylic paint and some varnish when it's dry.

I'll post pictures of the completed project once it's finished...


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