Don't play this game

And I mean it. It will just eat up all of your free time. It will keep you awake at night and prevent you from doing anything else. For weeks. Or months. Your significant other will hate it.
Just look on the left of this page and compare my number of posts for April and May. Care to guess when I started playing The Game?
Don't start playing this game or you won't stop.


  • Lol that's nothing! Try playing World of Warcraft, or rather.. don't :)

  • I am with you on Oblivion. There are many nights when I have been playing the game when I should have been doing other things (blogging, sleeping, etc.) It is a great game, rich in content, and a good storyline - which I have on pause currently as I build my character.

    The overall ROI of the game is great, just reflect on how many hours of entertainment you get out of a $60 game. I'm Glad to see I'm not the only one spending too much time with this game.

  • I was told it was a little bit shorter than Morrowind...

  • April, 2006 contains your second highest post count. 2.5 weeks still exist in May, 2006.

  • Andrew: then Morrowind must have been very very long. A friend of mine spent about 250 hours on it and he's only 92% through the game (not the main quest, of course, all of them).

  • Let's see... 122 hours total in Oblivion...

    Main Quest: Completed

    Arena Quest: Completed

    Mages Guild: Barely started

    Fighters Guild: about 60% completed

    Theives Guild: about 70% complted

    Dark Brotherhoon: about 50% completed

    AND... that is not counting all the exploring of the various ruins, caves, and landmarks...

    The game is simply massive! Morrowwind didn't hold a candle to Oblivion. I'm even planning on starting a new character just to figure out some of the other race/class abilities.

  • Well since I am stuck at work all week-end I had planned to bring Oblivion....Glad to know I wont finish it :)

  • That's nothing compared to world of warcraft, i have played 14 days now, and i ain't halfways complete. :)

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