New book on UpdatePanel published by O'Reilly

O'Reilly is publishing my book on UpdatePanel. This is a short work (less than 60 pages) I did with Matt Gibbs that is scenario-focused and gives an in-depth look at the UpdatePanel control of ASP.NET "Atlas".

The book is very reasonably priced at $9.99.

Take your information from the source... Feedback welcome.


  • Hey, this sounds cool Bertrand - I'll recommend the book here at work! :-)

  • Will this book be published in hard-cover as well?

  • For the moment it's PDF only as it's a short book that will probably be updated regularly (at no extra charge).

  • I purchased this work and want to thank you for making me look like a hero! No more flashing :-)

    However, I have a problem:
    I have a button, list box, and two radio button lists on my form. The radion button lists are causing a full postback, even though I've coded the triggers as follows (radio button lists are triggers #3 and #4):

  • Richard, I'll investigate that. Thanks for buying the book :)

  • Thanks Bertrand.

    One additional piece of info that might be helpful; I have a CustomValidator control coded between the two controls that work and the two that don't. I commented the CustomValidator, but this didn't solve the problem.

  • Richard, I've reproduced the problem and have opened a bug to track the issue. Thanks.

  • Sorry to be a bother, but is this the url to be used for support info (i.e., info on bug fixes, updates, etc)?

    Thanks again for this control.

  • Richard: the best place for support currently are the ASP.NET forums:
    Info on updates is published on the Atlas blog:

  • Quick question: Do updatepanels have a 'timeout' value?

    A coworker is using the updatepanel and progress indicator for a long running process - with scriptmanager disabling partial refresh, the code finishes. With SM enabling partial refresh - it eventually just stops running with no error, etc...

    Any ideas?

  • Steve: good question. I'll open a bug to track that issue.
    About your website, if you had dropped me a quick message through the contact page, maybe I would have made a post to point at it, but seeing that you posted it as an off-topic comment like the average spammer, it will have to stay in the comments ;)

  • Timo, please send me a repro page at bleroy (at microsoft).

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