Ajax Control Toolkit: new controls, bug fixes

(c) Bertrand Le Roy 2006 And we have a new release of Ajax Control Toolkit. I didn’t work on this one but there are some nice things in there nonetheless :)

First, new controls!

SeaDragon: I’ve blogged before about Seadragon, the JavaScript-only way to do Deep Zoom. It became a lot easier to use a few month ago when the need for tools disappeared and you can just point to any image on the web and immediately get the URL and script tag to put on your page:

Now with this release of Ajax Control Toolkit, including and controlling Deep Zoom from an ASP.NET page is also very easy:

<ajaxToolkit:Seadragon ID="Seadragon"
CssClass="seadragon" runat="server"

James Senior just released a screencast on how to create Deep Zoom contents for the new Seadragon control:

AsyncFileUpload: This is by far one of the most requested controls for ACT. File upload fields, while a part of HTML, do not work with Ajax/XHR requests (for security reasons, JavaScript can’t access the contents of the field). The only way to use them is to get the browser to do a real form post.

This new control makes it a lot easier to handle file uploads from your Ajax applications by providing an abstraction on top of the form posting:

OnClientUploadComplete="uploadComplete" runat="server" ID="AsyncFileUpload1"
Width="400px" UploaderStyle="Modern" UploadingBackColor="#CCFFFF"

It works pretty much as advertised: just drop the control on the page, and you can upload files without a full postback. It looks just like Ajax and requires no plug-in of any kind.AsyncFileUpload

The control has client and server-side events that get triggered when the file has been uploaded. On the server-side, you have access to the uploaded file’s byte stream, which you can save to disk (or database, or whatever).

Bug fixes: This release also has some new bug fixes (courtesy of Obout) for some of the top-voted issues.

Download the new release here:

Try the live demos here:

Stephen's in-depth post about this release:


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