• Great article! I'm looking forward to using this. When will the next version be out? Thanks.

  • Nice article , but why is the screendumps taken with firefox ? :)

  • Betrand, your article is exceptionally well-written and well-organized. Thank you!

  • @Mike: next version is going to be released this month.

    @Andy: to make it very clear that everything we do in Microsoft Ajax is cross-browser. There are still people who believe that Microsoft Ajax only works on IE. This is not the case, we support Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE today.

    @Martillo: thanks.

  • PS - in the code download, line 96 in 2_UpdatePanel.aspx does not compile.

    To get it to compile I changed it from:

    from p in AdventureWorksContext.Products [...]


    using ( var AdventureWorksContext = new AdventureWorksDataContext() )

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