Fun with JavaScript: the mystery of the failing parse

See if you can figure that one out in less than ten seconds, in which case kudos to you… What does this code return?

['1', '2'].map(parseInt)

If you answered

[1, 2]

I'm sorry to say that you're as wrong as I was when I wrote this bug.

Now if you answered

[1, NaN]

well, congratulations! So what’s going on here?

The `` method calls the passed-in function with three parameters: the current array item, its index, and the array. The `parseInt` function can take two parameters: the string to parse, and the radix. If you forget about that second parameter, you may think that the additional parameters that `map` passes in would get ignored. Not so in this case. `parseInt` is called twice. The first time with the parameters ('1', 0) (the third one will be ignored), the second time with ('2', 1). The radix is supposed to be between 2 and 36 (why 36? I don’t know). Radix zero gets ignored and works like the default, while 1 yields `NaN`.

The moral of the story is, don’t try to be too clever. The code above can be more explicitly, and more correctly written like so:

['1', '2'].map(function(n) {return parseInt(n, 10);})


  • The max radix is 36 because that would be the number of different values when using all numbers (0-9 = 10) and characters (a-z = 26). Just a small FYI... :)

  • Ah thanks, that makes sense.

  • Unless you really need parseInt and all of its radix-based glory, you could do the same with Number:

    [ "1", "2" ].map(Number)

    Works just fine and gives [ 1, 2 ].

  • Ha! Didn't think of that one. Thanks!

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