Late notice: speaking in Montreal tonight

I'll switch to French for this post as the talk will be in French.

Je parlerai ce soir devant le groupe d'usagers de .NET de Montreal à partir de six heures dans les locaux de Microsoft. Je parlerai de Visual Studio 2008 (et SP1), d'ASP.NET Ajax et du toolkit s'il reste du temps.

Venez nombreux!

UPDATE: merci à tous ceux qui se sont déplacés, et grand merci au groupe d'usagers, à Dominic Sévigny, Guy Barrette et RunAtServer pour leur accueil.


  • Thank,
    As I recall more than half of montreal speeks English, out of respect for the members of this blog, we request that you write comments in English please.

  • With all due respect, this is out of line for many reasons:
    * The conference is being organized by a French-speaking user-group, and they explicitly asked me to do the talk in French.
    * Only 10% of the population of Montreal speak only English, 87% understand French, 33% understand only French.
    * I did write the title and the introduction of this blog post in English so that people who don't understand French can promptly determine that there is no relevant contents for them and that they can safely skip the post.
    * This is my blog, and I'm the one who chooses what to write or not to write in it. Other sites that aggregate it must know and accept it.
    * Who is "we"?

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