My Orchard talk for LIDNUG

The finished site's home pageI just finished speaking at LIDNUG. You can download the recording here:

I hope I can make that available for streaming somewhere in the near future or maybe even reformat the content into shorter screencasts but this will do for now.

I had prepared a metric ton of contents for the presentation and of course I wasn't able to show everything. I'm glad that I went to bed when I did yesterday instead of adding more stuff…

The end result of what I had prepared can be downloaded from my DropBox (under BSD like everything Orchard):

A product review with a buy from Amazon badgeThis contains the site that I showed plus the few things I didn't have time to show. Please don't use this for anything as it is built on an unstable build of Orchard. This is just so that you can play with what I've been showing and dig deeper.

You will need Visual Studio 2010 to compile this as I've remove binaries to make a smaller download.

The admin password is 1234567.

During the course of the demo, I built a module that makes it dead simple to add a badge that enables your readers to buy a product from Amazon. The module can be downloaded from the Orchard module gallery:

And if you want to reproduce the demo, here is my script…

It's rough notes but I thought it might be useful. The script stops abruptly as I started building a recipe because I hit a few difficulties and realized I had way too much content already.

Anyway, if you have a couple of hours, this might be a good way to get to know Orchard a little better by coding along.


  • Hey Bertrand,

    Yes, it was most certainly a shame that we didn't have more time - so much interesting content!!

    Looks like getting you back for a Part Deux would be a great idea!

    Can definitely recommend taking a look at this presentation - very hands-on...Good insight into Orchard.


  • Thanks for a great talk Bertrand! Keen to get lots more technical info on Orchard in the near future.

  • When will the stream of your presentation be available?
    I've downloaded the recording from the LIDNUG homepage, but the video file seems to be broken.

  • Sorry, now it works! I had to download the "Microsoft Application Screen Decoder 1 (MSA1)" to get it to decode the video file.

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