Survey: Ajax usage among .NET developers

(c) Bertrand Le Roy 2003 If you haven’t already and you are a .NET developer, please take a couple minutes and answer this survey, whether you use Ajax or not. There are a number of Ajax surveys around, but Simone’s is the only one that focuses on .NET developers.

The survey:

Simone’s post:


  • I do use AJAX a lot in my web apps, but I think there are still some drawbacks in using AJAX. Basically, I use the feature and functionality of ICallback Event Handler. I think it would be better if we could be able to bind data controls using AJAX Or Callback. For example - Binding a Grid Control, implementing paging and sorting etc...

  • I also use AJAX,but not ASP.NET AJAX, I find it that Maybe It is simple and quick to use AJAX directly.
    To learn and use ASP.NET AJAX, it will need lots of time and also use it very difficult.

  • AJAX Technology. I have used in user login and register page in my website.

  • Good Survey, hopefully will see the result soon.
    We stick to Microsoft.Net Ajax, and jQuery.

  • I have used ajax using jquery and avoid using .net ajax as it make use of large javascript files which really effect performance.

  • I was using ajax in many of my websites but have to remove them as it was effecting performance so much.

  • There has been some early stats released on Simone’s Blog:

    I was amazed that 8% still hand craft the ajax calls not using microsofts ajax library for the donkey work.

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