Back From Microsoft Web Camps Beijing

I am just back from Microsoft Web Camps, where Web developers in Beijing had a good time for 2 days with 2 fantastic speakers, Scott Hanselman and James Senior.


On day 1, Scott and James talked about Web Platform Installer, ASP.NET core runtime, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2010, … They were humorous and smart, and everyone was excited!


On day 2, developers were organized into teams to build Web applications. At the end of day 2, each team had a chance of presentation. Before ending, I also demonstrated my so-called “WebOS”, a tiny but funny Web website developed with ASP.NET MVC and jQuery, which looks like an operating system, to show the power of ASP.NET MVC and jQuery. Scott, James and me were joking there, and people cannot help laughing and applauding…



You can play with it here:, if interested.

I discussed with Scott and James about Web and ASP.NET, like some junior ideas on ASP.NET MVC anti-forgery request, etc. I also helped on some English / Chinese translation. At the end Scott gave me a fabulous gift, which I will post to blog later.

Hope Microsoft can have more and more events like this!


  • when and which building you guys hold this event in beijing?

  • May 21st - 22nd @ 3F, Microsoft Tower, Beijing :)

  • I like Winform,But Microsoft support Few 。。。。

  • Web Forms has been a core feature in ASP.NET since the release of ASP.NET 1.0. Many enhancements have been in this area for ASP.NET 4, including the following:

    •The ability to set meta tags.
    •More control over view state.
    •Easier ways to work with browser capabilities.
    •Support for using ASP.NET routing with Web Forms.
    •More control over generated IDs.
    •The ability to persist selected rows in data controls.
    •More control over rendered HTML in the FormView and ListView controls.
    •Filtering support for data source controls.

  • Web OS looks wonderful!

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