The Memory of Programming in Seattle (1) Places

Long long ago, I was working in Seattle – actually in Microsoft Redmond campus. That experience gave me a lot of beautiful memories:


Seattle is in the northwest of US:


On the map, it is even more north than Beijing.

When first arriving in Seattle, A taxi took me from the SeaTac airport to Microsoft. I was quite surprised because I did not see many fancy things on my way. Seattle does not look so populous and bustling as New York. There are some tall buildings in the downtown. But for the other places, it is more like a quiet and beautiful countryside.


This is the night of Seattle downtown, shot by my friend Wei and psed by me. That is the most famous landmark of the city, the Space Needle. You can see it from Scott Guthrie’s blog header, also the “Architecture” theme of Windows 7:


Lake Washington is also very beautiful. It is very huge. It is said a lot of the rich bosses in Microsoft bought palatial yachts and drive around in the lake, and the house of Bill Gates is on an island of this lake. On top of Space Needle, we can see a corner of the lake:


And this sunrise is from the Internet:


The salmon in this lake is very delicious.

There are many companies based in Seattle, like Starbucks.

There are a lot of gays and lesbians in Seattle. They have their own news paper, Seattle Gay News, and their own film festival. One day I walked around Seattle downtown with my friends Jac and Wei, and there we encountered their parade.


I was living in Bellevue. It belongs to King County of Washington State. Bellevue and Seattle downtown are connected by Evergreen Point Floating Bridge of State Route 520. Go across Lake Washington from Seattle downtown, it is Bellevue:


The above picture is from Wikipedia.

Bellevue is a French word, means “beautiful view” or [美景尽收眼底] in Chinese. The place is as beautiful as its name. These pictures are the 156th Avenue outside my apartment, shot by my legacy Nokia N73:



This is the cross of the 156th Avenue and the Northup Way:


The Valve Corporation is in Bellevue, and Microsoft North American Sales Group is Headquartered in the Lincoln Square office tower, in Bellevue downtown.

Bellevue is currently my favorite place in the US. It was rated one of the top 20 safest cities in America, based on the per-capita incidence of violent crime. The people living around me looked very polite:), which impressed me a lot.

“Bellevue continues to be a very safe city, with the lowest per capita violent and property crime rate among the state's 10 largest cities.” said City Manager Steve Sarkozy.

Links for more pictures and information

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