Objectspaces will be merged into WinFS

Alex Thissen blogged about it this morning after keeping his readers into the dark for more than a day after his announcement that some big news related to Objectspaces was about to be posted:

Objectspaces will be merged into WinFS.

Read more about it here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/data/. In short this means, if I read it correctly, that Objectspaces will not be an add-on to ADO.NET but will be available as a technology in Longhorn's WinFS filesystem.

For O/R mapper vendors and developers, this is of course good news. For the people who were waiting for Objectspaces, it's a disappointment. How I see things, I also think it will be a disappoint for the developers working on Objectspaces for the past two years or so: most of their work is not going to hit the streets in its current form.

What puzzles me is: if Objectspaces is merged into WinFS, is Microsoft Business Framework a layer on top of WinFS or does it /will it use a different foundation than Objectspaces or will it use the Objectspaces code as well as an integrated own layer (thus not as a separated layer) ? Time will tell I think.


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