O/R mapping BOF at TechEd Europe 2004!

My proposal for an O/R mapping BOF at the TechEd Europe 2004 event has been accepted! If you're planning to go to TechEd Europe 2004, please vote for this BOF at this URL: http://www.ineta.org/bof. (select TechEd europe, then in the top menu, select Proposed Topics)

Also, vote for other topics you'd like to see at TechEd Europe 2004 as well. See you there!


  • Would you be our host then Frans?

  • Yes, I'll be your host :)

  • Sucks I can't be there, but I DID vote! :)

  • Doesn't CMG finance this for you?

    Thanks for voting! :)

  • Bummer, won't be there. What about a live webcast? ;)

  • They might, but as you might know from my own blog, I've got a baby that's about three months old when TechEd is and I can't leave my wife with such a small child for 5 days. Even when I travel to the TechEd from home every day, I won't be there for the evening.

    And I don't know if you've got some kids, but believe me, they aren't nice those first three months, I they don't last longer. I have another small child. Luckely enough (I thought) the smallest was asleep at around 19:00 hours, which never EVER happens. So I put my older one to bed, thinking I might get something done behind the pc. When I close the door, they both begin to cry. So I tell the older one she can't cry and must sleep, but she's so small, so doesn't understand that too well! ;)

    After the smallest almost chokes in her crying, I pick her up and sit with here for half an hour. Funny thing is, (dirty minds skip the next sentence) they always want something in their mouth and when you're lucky, they want a "speen" (what's the english word for that?!) Our youngest doesn't she only wants your pinky. So one hand to hold her, the other with your pinky in her mouth.

    After half an hour I bathed her, normally, she gets really sleep from bathing. You sit with her for fifteen minutes, take her to bed and most of the time, they fall asleep. Not this time. She begins to cry so hard, getting really upset and all, that she almost really choked in it.

    From that moment on, I had to walk around with her, shaking her a bit. When I stopped, she began to cry, when I put her down, she begins to actually scream!!!

    So I had to wait for about an hour, gave her her bottle of milk, which is normal for this time (she's about 9 weeks, any younger and the time is about 23:00 hours, now it's about 21:00 hours) and put her to bed. It's now 21:29 and she's finally asleep.

    This is really, _really_ frustrating!!! :)

    But after this period, it's so much fun, I can recommend anyone to have children!!! Really! It's just these months that totally SUCK BIGTIME!

    You might think, why write this all down? After explaining why I can't/won't go to TechEd, I just HAD to write this down as an example, because I'm still frustrated... ;)

    Now I'm gonna do some cool stuff behind my PC!

  • Dennis: hmm :) No I don't have kids and I also don't want them (neither does my wife, so that's not a problem ;)). But I'm sure it's not such a problem as you try to make it to be ;)

  • C’mon shut up (err sorry), be quit… please. How many times do I have to repeat myself! You ought to know by now that daddy is a nerd, no not N.E.R.D, a computer nerd that is, yes a real one! Daddy thus needs QUIT TIME when sitting behinds it’s computer. Longhorn really sucks up my concentration you know. You know daddy acknowledges in order to get some, mommy needs to be in a good mood 24/7. You now understand why daddy needs a helping hand in order to accomplish just that? Mommy is happy when you two are happy! Happy != crying, yes in VB that’s Not. You both know this can only be accomplished with you two STOP WINING EVERY F* I TURN MY BACK ON THE DOOR.

    Sleep tight my lovely children :D

    Ps: Ok I got carried away, having a day of. Dennis, you’re excuse is far more better then mine. Hope that takes away some frustration about not being there ;)

  • Happy to have you on board and looking forward to see you in Amsterdam ;-)

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