Farbrausch releases their demo creator tool werkzeug!

Farbrausch, one of the PC demoscene's leading groups, have released their tool Werkzeug to the public. Werkzeug is a tool to create stunning graphical demos, by including 3D effects, music, textures, 3D scenes and more.

Old demosceners, like myself, probably remember TRSI's demomaker on the Amiga back in the '80-ies but this is a complete different tool. Seeing is believing. After seeing it in action on Assembly 2001 (can be a year earlier/later), I knew my demosystem DemoGL was a joke compared to that system.

Although the demoscene is not what it used to be, it's great that legends like Chaos / Farbrausch release their tools to the public so people who always wondered how they were able to put minutes of 3D scenes, textures and multi-channel, full stereo music in 64KB can now see how it was done.

If you can't get enough of these great demo shows, you can turn to http://www.scene.org for more downloads, or even internet TV: Yodel broadcasts 24/7 demos from then and now at:;stream.nsv (winamp)


  • I had NO IDEA Yodel broadcasted videos! This is cool! I just connected and 303 by Statix was on. Did you know he did Paper for a large part on my machine and totally crashed my pc?! That sucked big time! I wish I could run Paper again, as well as that demo from Logic Design, with the falling kid on the end. And lots and lots of other demos. I've got the Mindcandy DVD right here and it rules! :)

    Oh great, Gerbera by Moppi Productions is running right now. I just witnessed a really lame video that was apparently on Discovery about a demo up north.

    Anyway, I can't work anymore now, gotta watch those demos!

  • Heh :) Hey Dennis, didn't know you were an old demoscener as well! :) Paper was indeed a very cool demo. Crashing machines on parties were a curse or something. Demoprogramming on parties was always crap: you worked for 24 hours straight on a routine that would take you 10 minutes at home... I once had to do a lot of routines again at an amiga party (Somewhere in holland 1, which I won :D ) because my sourcedisk was corrupt, aaaaarg :)

    I wished I could run the old complex stuff on my current box. Dope still is one of the best PC demos ever made: 100% fake routines which trick you into believing what you see is true, like the old 3D demo I & II by Hannibal on the Amiga.

  • Hi Frans,

    Wow - the TRSI, thats bringing back memories of a misspent youth ;) There some some pretty awesome demo's around at that time! Remember "Jesus on E's"?

    Anyways, I wil definately check this out, and its good to know the creator of my favourite O/R mapper is also a fan on the golden amiga era, and the demoscene!

  • Dope was indeed extremely cool, still one of my favorites. Also the track by Jugi was GREAT! How something so simple can be so great!

    My demoscene nick is Compile but we didn't produce much. I was on #nlcoders a LOT but not in the really early days. We were known as Subliminal with Retrox and Exyll.

    My first party was X'97. I also went twice to Wired, twice to TakeOver and once to Bizarre. Was a lot of fun. I was the only one with a drivers license so I also was the victim. But I made everyone stay awake on the journey back, because I myself would fall asleep behind the wheel if they stopped talking to me. Three days of no sleeping can't be good for you. I remember the first night always went pretty okay, untill 10am when you got really, really cold! And the smell inside those party-bunkers, when you went outside to get something to eat. A few hunderd sweating demo nerds! GREAT!

  • X'97... hehe I remember it too. Very small rooms and I could not join Compile and Retrox the first day because of something so I joined then them the next day.

    I did Bizarre two times and the rest the same as Compile.

    Strange that you cannot remember Compile from #nlcoders because the guy was there 24/7 :). When I joined #nlcoders I was idle ;)

    Two people that I remember because they were unique personalities are Harlequin (Arjen) and Statix.

  • I've been using this package for a while and I have to say it's pretty much fully featured but there's a real lack of help files, it's mainly trial and error. I've done some interesting demos but I want to do something big with it (put a few months into it). Does anyone know where I can go to find tutorials for this package (other than the one that came with it).



    P.S. 'State-of-the-Art' by Spaceballs rox!!

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