SqlServer 2005 and VS.NET 2005 delayed

From theserverside.net:

Microsoft has decided to delay the release of SQL Server 2005 from the first half of 2005 until later in the summer of that year. A Community Technical Preview will be released as an interim beta with possibly more to come before the final beta and the product’s eventual release.

As Visual Studio.NET 2005 is connected to SqlServer 2005 when it comes to release date, it's also delayed till later in 2005. Unless Microsoft decides to disconnect the two, however I don't think that will happen. All in all, a sad remark, as it will be even longer when must-have features like a working HTML editor/webform designer are available.


  • I don't mind the long delays between major releases...I just mind that lack of fixes/patches/small releases between major releases.

  • Of course the problem is that MS has basically not made lots of fixes -- instead telling us that some of these things will be fixed in the next version -- like the webform designer mentioned by Frans. And of course even the fixes they did make in their recent SP didn't get a unique version number -- which has caused problems of its own!

  • So true. I can't build any of my web applications in Visual Studio 2003 because it is absolutely horrible at modifying my custom changes to the source code. It is a distant second to Macromedia Dreamweaver.

    I just stopped renewing my subscription to Macromedia DevNet because Visual Studio 2005 is finally going to have a decent webform designer. I may have jumped the gun too early.

    VS 2005 is way too hyped too early. Very frustrating. No wonder each release of VS is a glory... they wait for an eternity to release new features and bug fixes. Wait a minute. There were no updates to VS 2003.

  • Hmmm, why does it think it has a trackback twice? I didn't supply this url in the advanced section of the post, only the url... Strange.

  • Im glad Im still using ASP 3.0 with PrimalScript 3.1 (www.sapien.com). I may switch when VS 2005 comes out. Maybe.

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