EA: White collar slavery

Just read it: http://www.livejournal.com/users/ea_spouse/

If you're in the software industry and you recognize this story, remember this: your employer doesn't own you nor is it your fault some project is late on schedule (there are people responsible for that, you just write software).

You work to live, you don't live to work.


  • This is shocking and disgusting – The problem also is that EA controls such a big market of the gaming industry that the engineers and artist can probably not really leave to go somewhere else.

    This will make me think twice about buying another EA game – but who will I be punishing? EA or their staff – and they seem to be doing that job pretty good by themselves.

  • Frans, this is very common in the US. I have had personal experiences were the CEO of the company told me "make it happen by the deadline - I dont care how many hours it takes. If you can't, we won't need your services" Many people over here just go with the program laid out by management. Its sad.

  • Thomas: Hmmm. I heard the working conditions are not that great in the US but this is very bad... so a manager can fire you for whatever reason?

    Here, if you have a contract, it's not a one-way street, it's a 2-way street: the employer has an obligation to you too and can't drop the contract for whatever reason, he first has to ask for a license to fire you in court. (basic procedure, but still requires effort from the employer, and if the reason they give is not enough, the judge won't agree to it and the employer can't fire you.

  • I just got done reading this article as I was going through my blog reader! My first thought was: quit! When you are smart and a good programmer, people need you...and you deserve better.

  • I thought that i will just add a bit. I am from South Africa and here the labour laws are very strict (good). A person normally works 40 hours a week here with a required 1hour break every 4 hours worked. if the employer requires you to work overtime - you have the right to reject :) however if you accept then you are not allowed by Law to work more than 45 hours a week.

    And i am suppose to live in a 3rd world country - Yah right i'll rather live here and have rights than live in the USA (1st world country) that allows these type of things.

  • Frans said: "Hmmm. I heard the working conditions are not that great in the US but this is very bad... so a manager can fire you for whatever reason? "

    Unfortunately, many (most?) employee / employer agreements in the US are "at-will". That means they can fire you for no reason. Of course, it's a two way street, meaning that the employee can leave for no reason.

  • Michael: yes, that's true but there's one thing that I doubt most other countries have to deal with as bad as here - laywers. You can be fired for just about anything, but you can also sue for just about anything and there are tons of attorneys that aren't afraid of frivilous cases.

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