To Richard Grimes

Lots has been said in the past days about Richard Grimes statement to drop .NET completely. First I thought: "Who's Richard Grimes?". That's saying more about me than mr. Grimes, as I often forget people's names as I find it more important to know what the theory is behind what they've accomplished than what their name is.

What I'd like to give Richard is a metaphore to think about. Here it goes:

Working with .NET is sometimes like listening to an Opeth album: just when you're getting fed up with the grunts and the growls, you run into a piece of music that is so beautiful, it will probably make you cry.


  • Well said Frans.

    I think his reason is deeper than meets the eye. I've sat in his talks, and he seems extremely intelligent and academic to me. Unfortunately academics don't make a multi billion dollar company, and at times you need to do things that might seem academically incorrect and financially sound.

    And too bad he choose to see the 1% bad and the 99% good wasn't good enough to hold him back.

    So now that he's dumped .NET, what is he gonna do next?

    - SM

  • Wow, the article exemplifies the fact that Mr. Grimes is basically a burned out software engineer (everyone will reach the point where they tire of the "new").

    The conclusion of his article sums up his burnout:

    "[.NET is] intended for users to develop applications, but not for Microsoft to create operating systems or the revenue generating products that they base their profits on."

    Well ... DUH! I wouldn't expect MS to utilize an uber abstraction such as .NET while they're implementing the next version of the operating system; I'd hope 'lightweight' is a requirement.

  • If you don't like what you do, do something else. Don't bitch about it though, life's too short. Note to self, do not purchase any Richard Grimes books.

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