Billy 'Wicked' Wilson dies, age 33.

The founder of VoodooExtreme, one of the first gaming sites, Billy 'Wicked' Wilson, died at age 33 yesterday. As a long time fan of VoodooExtreme and later on Gaming Groove, it was always a big pleasure reading his writings. A true icon.


  • Same here. Really sad he lives a small kid behind.

  • Very sad yes :( In fact, reading his opening post every day was reason enough to visit VE for years on end, it even inspired me to run a similar site for about nine months posting more than 1000 entries. Just because I wanted to run a site like his.

  • Man that brings it back. I remember hating the site back in the day because I owned an early Nvidia card (Riva 128) and there was this whole Voodoo vs Nvidia thing going on. Then I eventually realized it was one of the best gaming news sites around at the time (along with Bluesnews and Scary's).

    VE3D just wasn't the same when Billy was forced out of VE3D by Apache, and GamingGroove never quite got going properly.

    R.I.P. Billy

  • Wow, that is very sad. As weird as it seems, I got the idea for in part because of VE. I too wanted to be like him.

    I don't know the reason for him getting sick, but he sure seemed to have been dealt a crappy hand in the demise of VE. God rest his soul.

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