It seems some people think they're funny by posting comments under my name in other blogs, or flooding my blogs with crapcomments.

I'll censor myself and will remove the two blogs I have posted today about Microsoft, they apparently have made some people that much upset that they think they don't have to behave like an adult anymore.

Ah well... apparently the consequence of expression an opinion...


  • Frans, you shouldn't censor yourself! You have a right to your opinion way better than many of the pro-MS / pro-Open Source sheep you see around the place. If you have an opinion and are prepared to defend it, more power to you!

  • Yeah well, deleting some flame / troll every half hour or getting mail from people who ask me why I flamed them on their blog while I never ever read that blog in the first place gets annoying after a while.

    It definitely beated the fun out of blogging for me for today and maybe also for a lot of days to come.

  • Sorry about us children. :)

  • Just for the record - that SUCKS! I work for Microsoft and I think you raised a valid concern on your part. I personally think you are incorrect in your assessment of the situation but your opinion is your opinion.

    It is sad that people hanging out on thses sites can't participate with some respect for those who are willing to share their ideas, knowledge, and hard work with the world.

  • I agree with Alex. Feel free to post away. The children are at issue, not your posts (again, not that I agree with you :)

    This is why we will likely have to go to a registration format sooner than later for comments. :(


  • I think Frans that removing your posts works for the people who think this blog has no space for Microsoft critics.

    I will maintainmy opinion if I was you, but hey I am not you !

  • Franz its a sad fact that a certain % of any group of people are a bunch of fools.

    We shouldn't let them ruin our fun though, but what they are doing to you does suck I know.

    I definately think that this community is richer for diverse opinions as it often gives us another dimension on what we do. Like some of the info posted about mono, or your own comments about Oracle a while back.

    Please try to relax and ingnore the idiots, blog on dude :D

  • Scott, I think so too you need some kind of registration, or at least IP number logging or something.

    You can't prevent everything but now it's not fun expressing some opinion...

  • I find it somewhat troubling that I can sign with any name.

    Its one thing to be anonymouse, but here I can pretend to be anyone.


  • I'm just glad my aggregator caught your post so I could read what your opinions are.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but yours is one of the feeds that I have subscribed in my aggregator for exactly this reason - you have always spoken your mind.

    Anyways, post on, Frans!

  • Don't take posts down because of a little heated debate. As I said before, everybody is entitled to their opinion and opinions should be treated with respect, not with "flame wars" and "identity theft". There's no excuse for what "the children" did, but "blog comments" still boil down to "trust".

  • Scott...hey what about Passport (umm...semi-joking :-)), seriously, some form of membership with the option to lock out comments to registered individuals (anonymous as the name otherwise) would be very useful.

    Us 'independent' bloggers will probably be harder hit by this than the group bloggers (since you can have a single sign-in across all blogs) - but totally necessary.

  • Yves: trust me, I can take a tough debate and the one today in the thread below the posting wasn't a tough debate per se. :) It's the crap that's posted in other threads in other blogs that's annoying. When I get mail from people asking why I replied rudely to their blog while I haven't read that blog in my entire life, it's getting out of hand.

    If people don't agree with me, that's fine, you didn't agree with me today, perfectly ok. That's not the reason I did take the thread down, if you doubt about that, please check the reactions on my Oracle posts or Stored procedure posts :)

  • I'm really sorry to hear that; I enjoy reading your opinions, even if I don't always agree with them.

  • if frans' comments didn't rock the old boat now and then - what would be the point of having him?

    you're damn opinionated and you're sometimes wrong - but your clever and that's why, even after a major blogroll clean up that culled off scobleizer *and* dave winer, i choose to keep frans in my list.

  • Never ever change your "voice" because of others. If it's how you feel, if it's your truth, then don't change your voice.

    Put the post back.

  • It's not often that I see anyone getting all riled up about something to the point where they start screwing with someone. Congrats on getting some people that excited, you can consider yourself a writer now that some people hate you. :)

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