CommentStripper: strip out xml comments and/or normal comments from C# code

A customer of ours asked me if there was an option in LLBLGen Pro to not generate XML comments into the generated code. As there isn't such an option, I though it would be cool to write a little command line app to strip out any xml comment and/or normal comment from C# sourcecode. It might sound to you like the most worthless piece of code ever cooked up, I mean: why would you remove comments from your code, right? . There are situations however, where you have to distribute sourcecode to your client, but you don't want your client to have all the comments, so in a way you give the client the feeling they have the sourcecode, but they also will have a hard time reading it.

My attempt to get such a command line app is available here: (5KB). It's C# sourcecode, and does basic comment stripping. It's not able to strip out multi-line /* */ comments, I leave that regexp voodoo requiring code to the reader . I tested it on a large pack of code and it's very fast and the code was even compilable afterwards .

Happy strippin'!


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