LLBLGen Pro: the book!

As a developer, IMHO you can't receive a bigger 'thank you' from your customers besides they being very happy than when they write a great review about your work or do the ultimate: write a whole book! . Joseph Chancellor wrote a book about Visual Studio.NET 2005, SQL Server 2005 and LLBLGen Pro called Rapid C# Windows Development. It walks the reader through a complete windows forms application for .NET 2.0 using the AdventureWorks database for SqlServer 2005 and LLBLGen Pro, from scratch to deployment and beyond.

I can only say: very very well done, Joseph! . The book is easy to read, addresses the complex issues one might encounter during development of an application very well and gives the reader not only insight how to handle the various stages of a typical windows forms application but also gives great tips along the way.

What I really liked about the book was that Joseph is able to explain complex issues in a very easy to understand way, with metaphores every developer understands. In other words: the book really explains things so the reader understands what's taught and is wiser after reading it. A key element for a book meant to be used for learning and Joseph succeeds magnifically in this.

I hope Joseph gets the chance with a high-profile publisher to write more books about software development, as his talent to explain things in a very understandable way is what's needed for modern books about software development, tools and techniques.

Rapid C# Windows Development: Highly recommended for every LLBLGen Pro user.


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