Weblogs.asp.net / .Text screensaver!

Ok, it's finished! :) Yesterday I blogged about my Christmas coding session resulting in an OpenGL 3D effect I named 'Bands' and today I've transfered it into a screensaver, complete with .Text / Weblogs.asp.net textures, to say 'Thank you' to Scott and the other people who keep this blogging site running, in a more 'geeky' fashion.

Sourcecode (C++) is of course available. See the readme inside the binary archive how to install it.

  • Binary (.zip). Download (377KB)
  • Sourcecode (.zip). Download (736KB, incl. textures and dlls). It's not that beautiful, and perhaps can be optimized here and there.

Update: Screenshot


  • It looks great :p

    Just like the dozer-one :)

    Gonna try and learn a bit from your source, I'm amazed with what you can do with OpenGL

  • Cool! Going to grab it tonight and take a look.

    I fooled around with some OpenGL (mostly) and DirectX back in college for my graphics course. Been awhile, but I'd love to play around more with it. Maybe this will be the code that sparks the interest :)

  • Superb :D

    looks great on my geforcefx 5600

    Great job.

  • Looks very nice buddy!! I've got a GeForce 3 card on WinXP.

    Respect and keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks all! :)

    I noticed a small bug with the timings, if hte framerate drops because the time it takes to calculate and draw a frame is > the time it takes of a frame using the current framerate of the screen (75hz for example), the animation slows, because the angle changes of the x-y and z sines are not changed because of the less amount of frames drawn per second... ah well.. ;) It was fun developing this code (it even pulls 75fps on my GF4 / amd2600+ with 250 flares/bands on 1600x1200 :))

  • I used to follow the demo scene back when I had an Amiga then a PC. I liked The Future Crew stuff. I was impressed by the effects and the fact many were coded in assembly. Pretty impressive because you have to be very good in programming plus calculus/math.

  • I typed a long reply, about the demoscene, but .Text's bug with the viewstate corruption vanished it. :(

  • Too bad. I am getting into the habit of doing a copy all before hitting the submit button. I got burned a few times when the next page crashed and doing a back got me back into a blank form.


  • Any steps to do a clean uninstall? It's nice, but a total CPU hog on my machine.

  • Set the screensaver of windows to another screensaver, remove the directory you installed it in, done :)

    It is a cpu hog, but you don't need that cpu when the screensaver is used ;)

  • Well, just wanted to make sure that removing the directory will leave it clean.

    And yes, I realize that it's a screen saver :) and I shouldn't need my cpu when it's running, but:

    1) My machine is also a web server (application development) which sometimes testers have to access

    2) I'm one of those eccentrics (I always turn my machine off when not in use) that believe that every component has a lifetime. Working it harder will shorten that lifetime. I don't think that my system could benefit from the increased heat output of the CPU.

    Very nice ss though (just a CPU hog)!

  • Ah I understand :)

    Thanks, yes it is a cpu hog, it just runs around in loops to render as much frames as possible, calculating a lot of matrixes, sines, cosines and projected coordinates in each frame :) so the CPU has erm... a lot of work ;)

  • Cool, but better have multiCPU, that way the machine can do some work other then running ss.

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