Jimmy Nilsson on AOP

Jimmy Nilsson blogs about AOP, or Aspect Oriented Programming.His article combines some different insights on the matter, good links to articles about AOP and is a good starting point for the people who have ignored AOP for a long time and find this the right moment to get started with AOP and what the fuss is all about.

Personally I think AOP has a lot of potential and with the right tools it is in my opinion a technology which should be on everybody's mind when they're designing their software.

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  • Interesting read. I've read quite a bit about AOP in the past but I never read Jimmy Nilsson's blog. The "I want my AOP article" is dead-on regarding cross-cutting concerns and the use of AOP as a streamlined solution for netting out all of the "plumbing" you must do for a project into a series of attributes you can decorate your class/class methods with.

    -Mathew Nolton

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