Feeding the trolls

Today I've seen some people hammering stacks of MSDN cd's onto the heads of some other people who obviously talk about what their employer wants to hear, f.e. Matt Puccini and others.

Stop it!

Have you people ever participated in some slashdot threads? If you have, you should know the phrase: "Don't feed the trolls!'. Simply don't answer obvious FUD by below-the-belt-pub-talk like "[insert todays trolls name here] is a moron" or other phrases which do good on birthday parties but are definitely not what .NET or its community needs.

Every technology has its pro's and its con's. For one, Java's library is very well designed, and much more open for extension with your code than .NET ('sealed' anyone? A pattern perhaps?). Talking about the aspects of the technology, that's what's worth the effort. Throwing mud onto people who make a living out of crying fool about 'the opposite's tool' however is not.

Feed your audience with knowledge they can build on and work with, not with bickering about how a pencel-king succeeded in upsetting some people at the other side of the fence.


  • Please don't take my post as an attack on anyone. It was just a satirical take on Scott's bloodbath of rage.

  • Oh, come on Frans. Lighten up a little. Scott's post was funny, and given how frequently self-styled "industry authorities" hold forth about things about which they clearly know nothing, such responses are a harmless bit of venting.

    I would agree with you that responding with ad-hominem insults to every ignorant opinion column you read would be excessive, but a choice response to the particularly egregious can be healthy, IMO. No harm in letting off a little steam occasionally.

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