Posting something with [Name] in the text fails

I'm trying to post a new article about SqlServer paging but the query SQL I was posting contained the reference to a Name field, WITH [ and ]. This gives an error in CS 3.0 here. Just for reference :)


  • Hi Frans,

    That's because the bbcode filter is enabled for this site.

    We'll see if we can't get that removed.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Ah! that figures :) I didn't know you could write a post in bbcode. [b]test[/b]

    Anyway, I think it should be disabled indeed, as it interferes with a normal post. Thanks for looking into it :)

  • Hi Frans,

    Actually, this is related to a bug in code that allows you to access the advanced features of the CS blogging API via MetaBlogAPI.

    For example, to control the name of the post you could add this any where in the body of the post:

    [name:The name of the post]
    [tags:tag1, tag two, tag three] (this is great if you want to add a tag which does not yet exist)

    It looks like we are not ignoring empty or null strings such as [name]. We are working on getting this fixed now.


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