Contact form for emailing me has been disabled for now

I've disabled the contact form on this blog to email me, as spammers have found a way to spam me through that form and as I don't like spam, I have disabled that form till Telligent patches this hole (if ever).


  • How is there a hole there, and how would you recommend patching it?

  • I have no idea what these spammers acheive by spamming one individual in this manner. Totally weird!

  • The hole is that you can email all bloggers on this site using a program. This has been acknowledged by telligent. Once in a while some or all bloggers here get an email or 2 with spam. Yesterday I received 20 or so.

  • Fair enough, although I would think any automated "contact me" form would be susceptible sans some sort of turing test. Hope they patch it soon.

  • I got spammed as well. It was almost certainly an automated system since I have a javascript and meta redirect from to my new blog home, so (almost) anyone going to my contact page would have been forwarded to my new contact page.

    But the messages didn't exactly make much sense... just a bunch of pounding on the keyboard it looked like... maybe just a proof of concept? :(

  • I indeed assume a proof of concept... So to avoid mass floods... I disabled it right away. I did receive spam in the past through the form btw, which was automated.

  • That is so annoying. I had the same thing happen on my site Visual Basic Tutorials a while back. I ended up using a very simple spam blocking technique. It asks a question like whats 2 + 2 and they have to type an answer. Works like a charm.

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