LLBLGen Pro and SQL Azure

LLBLGen Pro works with SQL Azure, that is, the generated code and the runtime library. There are a couple of things you should be aware of, and I'll enlist them briefly below. The thing which doesn't work is creating a project from a SQL Azure database, as SQL Azure has no meta-data tables publicly available to the connected user (also a reason why for example SQL Server Management Studio doesn't work with SQL Azure at the moment)

The things to be aware of are the following when you want to work with SQL Azure and LLBLGen Pro are the following:

  • SQL Azure doesn't support catalog names in the queries. As LLBLGen Pro supports multiple catalogs per project, and thus cross-catalog queries, you can only use one catalog in your project.
  • To avoid catalog names in the queries, you should use the feature called 'Catalog Name Overwriting', which simply means that you configure the runtime to use a different string than the catalog name. You should configure the runtime to overwrite the catalog name of your project to "", so the catalog name is not emitted into the SQL query.
  • Our tests and those performed by some of our customers showed that if you use a schema which isn't the default schema, it also seems to make SQL Azure throw errors. So to be safe, either use 'dbo' as the schema, or if you must: define the used schema as the default schema of your user using:
    ALTER USER username WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA = schemaname

That's it. If you make sure of that, which are a simple couple of steps to check, you can use LLBLGen Pro generated code on SQL Azure. Happy azuring!

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