LLBLGen Pro v4.0 BETA released!

We've released the first beta of LLBLGen Pro v4.0! We hope you all like the new features and additions we packed into this new release! To make sure stuff is truly tested in a lot of scenario's, the beta is available to all v3.x licensees.

How to get the beta
Log into the customer area, then select 'v3.5' from the Downloads menu and navigate on the downloads page to 'Betas'. No license is required, the beta license is included in the installer.

Run the installer as administrator. It will automatically install the VS.NET extension to use the designer inside VS.NET in VS.NET 2010 and VS.NET 2012 (pro and up), if available. Of course the designer is also usable as stand-alone, outside VS.NET.
The installer will start the VSIX (visual studio extension) installer at the end of the normal install. It might be the VSIX installer is still running when the normal installer ends. If you have VS.NET open when you install the beta, you'll have to close VS.NET and restart VS.NET to see the add-in.
You can install the beta side-by-side with older versions of LLBLGen Pro. V4's file format is compatible with v3, however a v4 file which is loaded into v3 and saved in v3 will lose v4 specific data.

We included a word document with the details about this beta, which features are included and how to use them. This document, called LLBLGen Pro v4.0 beta readme.docx, is installed in the LLBLGen Pro v4 beta installation.

How to provide feedback
Please provide all feedback in the beta forum: http://www.llblgen.com/tinyforum/Threads.aspx?ForumID=52

What's new in V4.0
The list below is the global list of what's new in V4. The enclosed word document has the fine details of these new features and changes and also details of minor changes and new features not listed below.


  • Full Visual Studio integration (VS.NET 2010 / 2012)
  • Table Valued Functions support (EF/Linq to Sql/LLBLGen Pro RTF)
  • Additional interfaces/namespaces now use the rule system
  • Update / Delete rules for FK constraints (Cascade delete/update)
  • SQL Server 2012 sequence support (LLBLGen Pro RTF/NHibernate)
  • Action suggestions window
  • Custom type shortcuts can now have default length/precision
  • The designer is now a .NET 4.0 application, no more .net 4 runners.
  • Char <-> String system type converter
  • Re-scan of enum typeimport files without closing designer

Runtime Framework

  • Table Valued Functions support
  • Query result cache
  • Much faster entity fetches
  • Inlining DDD value types
  • SQL Server 2012 sequence support
  • Data Scopes (see https://github.com/SolutionsDesign/LLBLGenProExamples_4.0)
  • Xml Serializability of entire query API
  • True skip / offset
  • Fetch typed lists with QuerySpec
  • Runtime libraries are now built against .NET 3.5
  • QuerySpec and Linq assemblies are merged into ORMSupport Classes
  • OData support classes are now built against WCF Data Services 5.3 and support OData v3

I'm especially pleased with the VS.NET integration which turned out to be very nice, the TVF support, the much faster query fetches, the query result cache and the DataScopes. Please check out the example available at github (like above) how little code it takes to make a typical LoB application with the new DataScopes.


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