LLBLGen Pro v4.0 released!

I'm proud to announce we've released v4.0 of LLBLGen Pro! This release is the 13th full release we've done and it arrives in the year LLBLGen Pro turns 10. As always we've packed the new release with great new features and I hope we've added what you wanted us to add. You can find what's new here: http://www.llblgen.com/pages/whatsnew.aspx

Not only did we add new features, we also introduced something else: Lite.


LLBLGen Pro Lite is a free version of LLBLGen Pro. It packs all the features of the full version, however it comes with a limitation: an entity model is limited to 8 entities per model and it also come with no support. It's free as in beer and you can use the generated code in production.


V3.x users can upgrade with a 30% discount, by logging into the customer area.

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