SharePoint DVWP: display profile page on user link

FrontPage 2003 has a great feature when converting a CAML view on a list to a XSLT data view. One problem in this conversion is that the link on a user name changes from for example UserDisp.aspx?ID=1 naar UserDisp.aspx?Force=True&ID=1. This forces the display of the information available in the UserInfo table on a user. This happens even if SharePoint Portal Server is used, and in the CAML viewt he profile page of the user in the user its my site was displayed.

This “wrong” URL is generated by a DDWRT function URLLookup.

You can get back the correct behaviour by removing the Force=True as follows:

Look for a line similar to:

and convert it into:


  • Thanks for this tip! Very useful and exactly what I needed.

  • I think I have the same problemwhere I need to keep the Force option. Currently I am not able to view a user profile detail without appending the force=1 to the url. How can I make it permenant so it will always show me the details with force option. Where can I find the CAML file to change that ? thanks in advance (btw, I'm using MOSS 2007)

  • When I use this, no matter what, it always returns ?ID=1. Any idea why?

  • I don't get it working...
    I think he doesn't know the @ID


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