SharePoint DVWP: xslt limitations...

John Jansen (Microsoft Office FrontPage) confirmed in a private e-mail conversation what I did find out the hard way:

In the Xslt transformation of data view web parts the following functionality is blocked:

  • msxsl:script
  • xsl:include
  • xsl:import

I can understand that msxsl:script is blocked, otherwise you could execute any server-side script. Why xsl:include and xsl:import is not supported I really don’t understand. Could be that they scan the script code string to be executed for the msxsl:script tag, and that handling inclusion of external code was to much work, but it makes data view programming really hard. Would be great if you could create a library of useful Xslt routines and include those in your custom xslt transformations.

Another thing I have been working on is the possibility to register additional xslt extension object like the one in the ddwrt namespace (see also, but I never succeeded.

Any ideas on extending the xslt transformations functionality in data view web parts?

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