Macromedia, I'm impressed! Flex you way into RIA

Macromedia (or should I say Adobe?) did release an alpha version of their new Flex 2.0 platform and the Flash player 8.5. As you can read in some of my previous blog posts I was searching for the best toolset to build RIA applications. I think I found it! Although I did not have much hands-on time yet I was really impressed. Not the fancy authoring environment that is just suboptimal for designers like me, but a full fledged IDE, based on Eclipse 3.1. Complete with forms designer to design your constraints based interface.

Flash 8.5 features ActionScript 3.0. The next advance in the Javascript based language used in Flash. Some of it’s most powerful features: completely type dafe, also in the runtime. Powerful exception handling, delegates, regular expressions, XML as native type. Finally a powerful, grownup language like I’m already so used to in the .Net development space (c#).

I will dive into this new technology, and keep you posted!

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  • Yes, Flex is very cool, is very powerful but ... is expensive.

    And other question: where you can find a server with this software installed and ready to host your Flex applications ?.

  • i've worked extencivelly with several flash versions and this last udpate for the platform is realy exciting. The AS 3.0 spec pushes all the right buttons and the x4d method of accessing xml feels very good. Flex is expensive but learning the platform has been made accessible by Macromedia.

    The platform does move away more and more from the original designer focus and more and more it becomes a real RIA environment. But with the 8.0 update it still keeps the designers tooled up for beautiful solutions.

    I can't wait :)

  • Hi Michaud,

    Don't wait! Download the Alpha release of flex and be amazed! Or drop by my desk and have a look at what i'm currently doing with Flex 2;-)

  • k ondas ps aki
    te dejo mi raya
    bueno ps t rolas
    x mi flog


    d ratos

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