The Nokia 770: an amazing device!

Lets have this said first: I really don't want to advertize for Nokia, and I'm in no way affiliated to Nokia, I'm just a happy user!
In a previous post I already described the Nokia 770 device. Within 24 hours of ordering UPS came at my door to deliver my "present".
I'm not really a gadger guy, I just wanted a device to read books and browse the internet while moving around the house and lying in my bed. And I must say: it absolutely goes far beyond my expectations! Browsing is flawless, you can read PDF files perfectly, and the RSS news reader works good enough to follow the blogs I read. What more do you need? No: it's not a phone! Who cares? I have a nokia phone to make my phone calls!

The good thing is that you boot up the device in the morning and can keep it in "standby" all day. Within seconds you have access to your documents and the internet wherever you are (as long as you have Wifi access). And with a 800x480 resolution with 225 dpi the display is as sharp as paper!! What a difference with those lousy 320x200 resolution devices!

I did not try the email functionality of the device yet, I just use outlook web access, works great!!

Being a developer I wanted to know how I could develop for the Nokia 770 device. It is running a modified version of Debian linux, and all development is also done on linux. In comming post on the Nokia 770 I will explain how I did set up the development environment.


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