Olaf Conijn from Macaw in the Netherlands: patterns&practices champion!

One of our youngest collegues becomes a patterns&practices champion!! A smart guy with a bright future!! See his blog at http://bloggingabout.net/blogs/olaf/default.aspx. See the e-mail below!

Congratulations to this community's newest "patterns & practices Champions!"
Congratulations to this community's newest "patterns & practices Champions!"(2/3/2006 3:36:58 PM)
The p&p Champion award is given on a quarterly(ish) basis to members of our community who have gone "above and beyond" the call of duty with regard to helping their fellow community members. These are the people who answer questions, create useful samples or build extensions to the application blocks. In short, these are the people who really make the patterns & practices program work and we couldn't do it without them! 

The award winners for February 2006 for the Enterprise Library community are: 

* Olaf Conijn (OlafC). While Olaf worked on the development team for Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0, this award is for his independent contributions to the community, in particular his Environmental Overrides plug-in.

* Alois Kraus (akraus2): Alois has been one of the most active members of the Enterprise Library Community, and has provided many community members with assistance in using the new January 2006 release on message boards and via his blog.

* Francois Tanguay (FrancoisTanguay). Francois provided the Enterprise Library team and the community with some great feedback on Preview releases of Enterprise Library for .NET 2.0, and shared his own blocks and extensions with fellow community members.

Congratulations to the winners and our thanks to everyone (winner or not!) for your contributions to the community. More information about the p&p Champions program, the winners' accomplishments and winners from other communities are published on MSDN.

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