Blogging on Flash in a .Net oriented weblogs environment...

Due to the great integration of Flash MX 2004 with web services that can be developed on the .Net platform, the usage of XML within Flash that can be provided by ASP.NET pages and numerous other possibilities of using Flash a a rich client connected to .Net based technology on the server side, it is my feeling that blogging on Flash might be of interest to the .Net community. Let me know if I'm wrong... and I might shut up!

I'm very interested in the view of other people in the .Net community on the usage of Flash in the creation of Rich Internet Applications, and the experiences with it. Please let me know in a comment!


  • I've been doing Flash/SQL integration since Flash 4, I definitely want to hear as many other people's ideas and uses for Flash and .NET technologies.

  • I most definately think Flash is so poorly viewed by the general public and that the implementation of the most common PHP MYSQL FLASH combination has received too little attention from the powers that be (developers).

    Flash could have the potential of so much more than what people are feeding into it. It could become the simple point and click for the average user who wants to throw together their own home brew if developers would put a little more time into bringing to the general public template like systems and plugins and pre packaged installers or modules with dynamic options that an in the box Flash system could in fact render for the mass users of such drag and drop programming a great diversity of final results.

    Blogs, Audio, Video players, Forums, Photo Galleries, Genealogy tree programs and so much more could be at the customized fingertips of the average person if we developers could get together with a belief that Flash could really go big with simple steps for end users to generate great dynamic sites and google and such could finish SEO technology to fully include Flash into all search options.

    I know it's out there. .Net could really shine with a more comprehensive collaboration of world designers and developers.

    Amen... I'm done

    Miss MacJedi

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