SharePoint 2010: Getting Publishing template working

Note: this post is only relevant for people running the SharePoint 2010 Technology Preview.

When I create a new site based on the Publishing Portal template you get a .../Pages/Default.aspx page with an error on it. The error seems to be generated by a ContentByQuery web part (the only web part) on the page. Add ?contents=1 to the url (…/Pages/Default.aspx?contents=1):


Check Out the page, remove the web part (Delete, not Close), and your page starts working again.

Happy Publishing!


Disclaimer: All information in this blog post is based on my personal interpretation of information collected at the SharePoint Conference 2009 and experiences with SharePoint 2010 Technical Preview version provided to my company in the PEP program.


  • Hello,

    I've got a smal problem with getting my sharepointsite active on the internet. When i am ad home i can just type the and it works, but when i want to work on it from an other place, it does not want towork anymore. What do i do wrong?

    Also i do not see the publishingsite templates on my Sharepoint2010 server.

    Best Regards,


  • I see them in my Powershell but not in my >create site >

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