MVP Award 2015

Happy new year to you all! For me, it’s starting quite nicely, as I received my first MVP award this morning, in recognition for my open source work, in particular on Orchard. It’s a great honor, and I want to thank Microsoft and all the people who made this happen. Thanks to all of you for reading me, as well, and for encouraging me over the years with your great feedback, and for some of you, with paid work ;)

My intention for 2015 is to do everything I can to be awarded the 2016 award as well. That means more community work: Orchard steering committee activity, helping people on forums and Stack Overflow, blogging, etc. It also means producing more open source code, on Orchard, and on other, smaller projects (I have a surprise in store by the way…).

Dear readers, do you have any suggestions about what you think I should do to give back to this community?


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