Understanding C# async / await (2) The Awaitable-Awaiter Pattern

Understanding C# async / await:

What is awaitable

Part 1 shows that any Task is awaitable. Actually there are other awaitable types. Here is an example:

Task<int> task = new Task<int>(() => 0);
int result = await task.ConfigureAwait(false); // Returns a ConfiguredTaskAwaitable<TResult>.

The returned ConfiguredTaskAwaitable<TResult> struct is awaitable. And it is not Task at all:

public struct ConfiguredTaskAwaitable<TResult>
    private readonly ConfiguredTaskAwaiter m_configuredTaskAwaiter;
</span><span style="color: blue;">internal </span><span style="color: black;">ConfiguredTaskAwaitable(</span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Task</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; task, </span><span style="color: blue;">bool </span><span style="color: black;">continueOnCapturedContext)
    </span><span style="color: blue;">this</span><span style="color: black;">.m_configuredTaskAwaiter = </span><span style="color: blue;">new </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">ConfiguredTaskAwaiter</span><span style="color: black;">(task, continueOnCapturedContext);

</span><span style="color: blue;">public </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">ConfiguredTaskAwaiter </span><span style="color: black;">GetAwaiter()
    </span><span style="color: blue;">return this</span><span style="color: black;">.m_configuredTaskAwaiter;


It has one GetAwaiter() method. Actually in part 1 we have seen that Task has GetAwaiter() method too:

public class Task
    public TaskAwaiter GetAwaiter()
        return new TaskAwaiter(this);

public class Task<TResult> : Task { public new TaskAwaiter<TResult> GetAwaiter() { return new TaskAwaiter<TResult>(this); } }

Task.Yield() is another example:

await Task.Yield(); // Returns a YieldAwaitable.

The returned YieldAwaitable is not Task either:

public struct YieldAwaitable
    public YieldAwaiter GetAwaiter()
        return default(YieldAwaiter);

Again, it just has one GetAwaiter() method. This article will look at what is awaitable.

The awaitable-awaiter pattern

By observing different awaitable / awaiter types, we can tell that an object is awaitable if

  • It has a GetAwaiter() method (instance method or extension method);
  • Its GetAwaiter() method returns an awaiter. An object is an awaiter if:
    • It implements INotifyCompletion or ICriticalNotifyCompletion interface;
    • It has an IsCompleted, which has a getter and returns a Boolean;
    • it has a GetResult() method, which returns void, or a result.

So apparently this awaitable-awaiter pattern is very similar to the iteratable-iterator pattern. Here is the interface definitions of iteratable / iterator:

public interface IEnumerable
    IEnumerator GetEnumerator();

public interface IEnumerator { object Current { get; }

</span><span style="color: blue;">bool </span><span style="color: black;">MoveNext();

</span><span style="color: blue;">void </span><span style="color: black;">Reset();


public interface IEnumerable<out T> : IEnumerable { IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator(); }

public interface IEnumerator<out T> : IDisposable, IEnumerator { T Current { get; } }

In case the out keyword does not sound familiar, please find detailed explanation in another article Understanding C# Covariance And Contravariance (2) Interfaces.

The “missing” IAwaitable / IAwaiter interfaces

Similar to IEnumerable and IEnumerator interfaces, awaitable / awaiter can be visualized by IAwaitable / IAwaiter interfaces too. This is the non-generic version:

public interface IAwaitable
    IAwaiter GetAwaiter();

public interface IAwaiter : INotifyCompletion // or ICriticalNotifyCompletion { // INotifyCompletion has one method: void OnCompleted(Action continuation);

// ICriticalNotifyCompletion implements INotifyCompletion,
// also has this method: void UnsafeOnCompleted(Action continuation);

</span><span style="color: blue;">bool </span><span style="color: black;">IsCompleted { </span><span style="color: blue;">get</span><span style="color: black;">; }

</span><span style="color: blue;">void </span><span style="color: black;">GetResult();


Please notice GetResult() returns void here. Task.GetAwaiter() / TaskAwaiter.GetResult() is of such case.

And here comes the generic version:

public interface IAwaitable<out TResult>
    IAwaiter<TResult> GetAwaiter();

public interface IAwaiter<out TResult> : INotifyCompletion // or ICriticalNotifyCompletion { bool IsCompleted { get; }

TResult GetResult();


Here the only difference is, GetResult() return a result. Task<TResult>.GetAwaiter() / TaskAwaiter<TResult>.GetResult() is of this case.

Please notice .NET core does not define these IAwaitable / IAwaiter interfaces at all. IAwaitable interface will constraint GetAwaiter() to be instance method. Actually C# supports both GetAwaiter() instance method and GetAwaiter() extension method.

Here these interfaces are used only for better visualizing what is awaitable / awaiter. Now, if looking at above ConfiguredTaskAwaitable / ConfiguredTaskAwaiter, YieldAwaitable / YieldAwaiter, Task / TaskAwaiter pairs again, they all “implicitly” implement these “missing” IAwaitable / IAwaiter interfaces. The rest part of this article will show how to implement awaitable / awaiter.

Await any function / action

In C# await cannot be used with lambda. This code:

int result = await (() => 0);

will cause a compiler error:

Cannot await 'lambda expression'

This is easy to understand because this lambda expression (() => 0) may be a function or a expression tree. Obviously we mean function here, and we can tell compiler in this way:

int result = await new Func<int>(() => 0);

It causes an different error:

Cannot await 'System.Func<int>'

OK, now the compiler is complaining the type instead of syntax. With the understanding of the awaitable / awaiter pattern, Func<TResult> type can be easily made into awaitable.

GetAwaiter() instance method, using IAwaitable and IAwaiter interfaces

First, similar to above ConfiguredTaskAwaitable<TResult>, a FuncAwaitable<TResult> can be implemented to wrap Func<TResult>:

internal struct FuncAwaitable<TResult> : IAwaitable<TResult>
    private readonly Func<TResult> function;
</span><span style="color: blue;">public </span><span style="color: black;">FuncAwaitable(</span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Func</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; function)
    </span><span style="color: blue;">this</span><span style="color: black;">.function = function;

</span><span style="color: blue;">public </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">IAwaiter</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; GetAwaiter()
    </span><span style="color: blue;">return new </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">FuncAwaiter</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt;(</span><span style="color: blue;">this</span><span style="color: black;">.function);


FuncAwaitable<TResult> wrapper is used to implement IAwaitable<TResult>, so it has one instance method, GetAwaiter(), which returns a IAwaiter<TResult>, which wraps that Func<TResult> too. FuncAwaiter<TResult> is used to implement IAwaiter<TResult>:

public struct FuncAwaiter<TResult> : IAwaiter<TResult>
    private readonly Task<TResult> task;
</span><span style="color: blue;">public </span><span style="color: black;">FuncAwaiter(</span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Func</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; function)
    </span><span style="color: blue;">this</span><span style="color: black;">.task = </span><span style="color: blue;">new </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Task</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt;(function);
    </span><span style="color: blue;">this</span><span style="color: black;">.task.Start();

</span><span style="color: blue;">bool </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">IAwaiter</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt;.IsCompleted
    </span><span style="color: blue;">get
    </span><span style="color: black;">{
        </span><span style="color: blue;">return this</span><span style="color: black;">.task.IsCompleted;

TResult </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">IAwaiter</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt;.GetResult()
    </span><span style="color: blue;">return this</span><span style="color: black;">.task.Result;

</span><span style="color: blue;">void </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">INotifyCompletion</span><span style="color: black;">.OnCompleted(</span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Action </span><span style="color: black;">continuation)
    </span><span style="color: blue;">new </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Task</span><span style="color: black;">(continuation).Start();


Now a function can be awaited in this way:

int result = await new FuncAwaitable<int>(() => 0);

GetAwaiter() extension method, without IAwaitable interfaces

As IAwaitable shows, all that an awaitable needs is just a GetAwaiter() method. In above code, FuncAwaitable<TResult> is created as a wrapper of Func<TResult> and implements IAwaitable<TResult>, so that there is a  GetAwaiter() instance method. If a GetAwaiter() extension method  can be defined for Func<TResult>, then FuncAwaitable<TResult> is no longer needed:

public static class FuncExtensions
    public static IAwaiter<TResult> GetAwaiter<TResult>(this Func<TResult> function)
        return new FuncAwaiter<TResult>(function);

So a Func<TResult> function can be directly awaited:

int result = await new Func<int>(() => 0);

Use the built-in awaitable and awaiter: Task and TaskAwaiter

Remember the most frequently used awaitable / awaiter - Task / TaskAwaiter. With Task / TaskAwaiter, FuncAwaitable / FuncAwaiter are no longer needed:

public static class FuncExtensions
    public static TaskAwaiter<TResult> GetAwaiter<TResult>(this Func<TResult> function)
        Task<TResult> task = new Task<TResult>(function);
        return task.GetAwaiter(); // Returns a TaskAwaiter<TResult>.

Similarly, with this extension method:

public static class ActionExtensions
    public static TaskAwaiter GetAwaiter(this Action action)
        Task task = new Task(action);
        return task.GetAwaiter(); // Returns a TaskAwaiter.

an action can be awaited as well:

await new Action(() => { });

Now any function / action can be awaited:

await new Action(() => HelperMethods.IO()); // or: await new Action(HelperMethods.IO);

If function / action has parameter(s), closure can be used:

int arg0 = 0;
int arg1 = 1;
int result = await new Action(() => HelperMethods.IO(arg0, arg1));

Use Task.Run()

The above code is used to demonstrate how awaitable / awaiter can be implemented. As it is common scenario to await a function / action, .NET provides a built-in API: Task.Run(). Their implementations are similar to:

public class Task
    public static Task Run(Action action)
        // The implementation is similar to:
        Task task = new Task(action);
        return task;
</span><span style="color: blue;">public static </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Task</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; Run&lt;TResult&gt;(</span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Func</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; function)
    </span><span style="color: green;">// The implementation is similar to:
    </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Task</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt; task = </span><span style="color: blue;">new </span><span style="color: #2b91af;">Task</span><span style="color: black;">&lt;TResult&gt;(function);
    </span><span style="color: blue;">return </span><span style="color: black;">task;


In reality, this is how to await a function:

int result = await Task.Run(() => HelperMethods.IO(arg0, arg1));

and await a action:

await Task.Run(HelperMethods.IO);

Await IObservable<T>

IObservable<T> and IConnectableObservable<T> become awaitable too, if a reference is added for System.Reactive.Linq.dll, a part of Rx (Reactive Extensions). In this library, the GetAwaiter() extension methods are provided:

public static class Observable
    public static AsyncSubject<TSource> GetAwaiter<TSource>(this IObservable<TSource> source);
</span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: blue;">public static </span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: #2b91af;">AsyncSubject</span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: black;">&lt;TSource&gt; GetAwaiter&lt;TSource&gt;(</span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: blue;">this </span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: #2b91af;">IConnectableObservable</span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: black;">&lt;TSource&gt; source);


Each method returns a AsyncSubject<T>, which is an awaiter:

public sealed class AsyncSubject<T> : INotifyCompletion, ISubject<T>, ISubject<T, T>, IObserver<T>, IObservable<T>, IDisposable
    public bool IsCompleted { get; }
    public void OnCompleted();
</span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: green;">// ...


So that can be used with the await keyword. Take IObservable<T> as example:

private static async Task AwaitObservable1()
    IObservable<int> observable = Observable.Range(0, 3).Do(Console.WriteLine);
    await observable;

This outputs:


Another example:

private static async Task<string> AwaitObservable2()
    IObservable<string> observable = new string[]
        .SelectMany(async url => await new WebClient().DownloadStringTaskAsync(url))
</span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: blue;">return await </span><span style="background: #f5f5f5; color: black;">observable;


where the GetTitleFromHtml is:

public static string GetTitleFromHtml(this string html)
    Match match = new Regex(
        RegexOptions.IgnoreCase | RegexOptions.Singleline).Match(html);
    return match.Success ? match.Groups[1].Value : null;

Executing above AwaitObservable2 method will output the title of each page:

Dixin&#39;s Blog - Understanding C# async / await (1) Compilation
Dixin&#39;s Blog - Understanding C# async / await (3) Runtime Context
Dixin&#39;s Blog - Understanding C# async / await (2) The Awaitable-Awaiter Pattern

which is exactly what’s between <tile> and </title>.


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