Team System FAQs: What happens when the trial expires? Where is Team Suite? How do I upgrade? Partners?

[From Kirk Allen Evans]

Some frequently asked questions from the MSDN Forums, answered by Ajay Sudan, Product Manager for Visual Studio Team System...

Q: I am an MSDN Universal Subscriber; why can't I see any of the role-based products or Team Suite in the MSDN Subscriber Downloads Center?
A: You have not yet submitted a transition request. You must transition from MSDNU to one of the role-based products or upgrade to the Suite. See for more information.

Q: How long does the transition request take?
A: For a retail subscriber it will take 24-48 hours from transition choice to access the new level/role. For a Volume Licensing admin to assign a role choice and then the user to get download access should be nearly instantaneous. 

Q: If I install Team Suite after installing VS Pro, do I need to uninstall VS Pro?
A: No, the two products live side-by-side. There is only one devenv.exe and it will launch the higher SKU. In this case, Suite is launched.

Q: Can I upgrade from Team Suite trial to the full version of Team Suite?
A: Yes, the trial will go into maintenance mode and give you the option to upgrade.

Q: If I use the Team Suite trial, what happens if I then install a role-based product?
A: The Suite trial will continue to launch since it is considered the higher SKU. The trial edition will need to be uninstalled before you can use a role-based product.

Q: I am a Microsoft partner. Can someone please tell me what is going on?
A: Partner program benefits will be communicated through your partner channels. In the meantime, you can see the most recent communication from the partner team here: We're hearing your feedback and I will personally relay your comments to the appropriate individuals.


 [via MSDN Forums]

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