API Trends 2022 - API Economy Growth

API trends 2022 with Brenton House - 10 - api economy growth


The API Economy is taking the world by storm. When talking about the API Economy, we are not just referencing your ability to sell access to your APIs and data.

No, it’s much more than this. It’s about:

  • Revolutionizing how enterprises are organizing their teams, resources, and budgets.
  • The entire supply chain being powered by APIs
  • Ordering dinner and having it delivered to your home.
  • Providing a way to request an Uber ride and track it from beginning to end
  • Streaming movies and television shows to televisions, computers, and mobile phones around the world
  • Ordering fresh groceries and having them delivered from store to front porch

APIs on their own are not enough to drive this digital ecosystem. APIs are simply the enablers for and the gateway to the digital and physical products that you are already creating or plan on creating. APIs are what enable businesses to engage with consumers in the digital world. APIs are how your products are going to be viewed, purchased, consumed, and judged in this digital economy.

In order to compete in this very competitive API market, companies are adopting API First strategies. They are realizing that their APIs are a Product, and not an add-on to their existing products. These decisions to put budget and resources behind their API teams will allow them to succeed and win in 2022.


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