API Trends 2022 - Open API Standards

API Trends 2022- Open API Standards - Brenton House


With the advancement of tools, technology, code, and no-code solutions, it’s actually not that difficult to build an API these days. However, building APIs that are extensible, scalable, actually use best practices, and properly implement open standards can be a much more difficult feat.

RESTful APIs and open standards such as SOAP, Swagger, OpenAPI, JSON Schema, AsyncAPI, and GraphQL have been around for a while but we are seeing substantial growth in the community around the development of these standards and the participation from businesses and individuals in keeping these standards up-to-date with new features and improved documentation.

My recommendation would be to get involved with the groups that support these standards and participate in the process of growing the API community. If you are consuming and using these standards, (and I am sure you are), keep up-to-date with the changes to ensure you are producing and integrating with APIs in the best possible (and securest) way.


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