Brenton House - Give your App and APIs a Turbo Boost – Part 2

Brenton House talks about Exploring the power and extensibility of APIs for Mobile - Development and Architecture

In Part 1 of this series on Mobile Architecture and Development, we talked about the different ways you can use and extend the mobile platforms for building cross-platform native mobile apps. Today, we dig in with a detailed example of how extend the power of Titanium Alloy, the MVC framework created to make building with Titanium even easier.

When we ended up last time, we saw that we could install a local version of Alloy to build a mobile app. To fully demonstrate the power of this seemingly simple step, I’ve created the open-source framework and published it on GitHub here: I’ve called it “Turbo” to go along with the theme of this series, and I’ll walk you through what I’ve done and demonstrate the power of Turbo.

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